About US

EGO Foto is part of The Rabbit Hole Studio and is conformed by Angora & Tonej (Priscila and Eduardo), who are also part of an incredible love story that lead them to overcome time, place and a several thousand's mile distance in order to make dreams happen and become wife and husband.

Angora is a passionate Chilean Artist, she was born inside an artist's family and she has a naturally creative and talented mind, she can turn fantasy into reality with a pocket full of sparks, fireflies and bunnies, she pulls out the magic from her heart to turn images into marvelous pieces of lifeful emotions.

She studied Digital Art Courses at ART Studio.

She is also an avid reader, painter and writer who loves music and tea.

You can find more about Priscila at:

Priscila's Website: "The Art And Illustration of Priscila Quijada"

Tonej is a Mexican Photographer who studied at the American Photography College (CAF Monterrey), Monterrey's Contemporaty Art Museum (MARCO) and The Art Center at Nuevo Leon's Council for Culture and Arts (CONARTE), he is also a member of the CONARTE's Photographer's Guild.

He likes reading and he loves coffee nearly as much as he loves Angora's Kisses and Hugs.

You can find more about Eduardo at:

CONARTE's Photography Artist Directory: Eduardo Gómez

-Interesting Fact: The name EGO stands for Tonej's name (Eduardo GOmez)**.